History Of The Angel

The oldest part of the building, with its original beams, dates back to 1610, and is where the bar and main interior of the pub is located. This was the 'mansion house', with the barn (now the pool room) dating from around the same time. This mansion house was built by Richard Lincoln (1550 - 1620). In 1615, Richard Lincoln changed his will, making his fourth wife and her children the new heirs, and in doing so effectivley disinherited his son Edward (1580 - 1640). As a result, Edward moved to the nearby village of Hingham. In 1622, Edward's son Samuel (died 1690) was born.

Living a fairly poor life, Samuel, along with two of his three brothers decided to move to America in 1637, where they helped found the town of Hingham in Norfolk County (now Plymouth County), Massachusetts (note they moved from Hingham, Norfolk, UK to Hingham, Norfolk, USA).

172 years later, Samuel Lincoln's great, great, great, great grandson was born, Abraham, who would go on to be the 16th president of the United States Of America.

The front of the pub was added at the beginning of the 1800's and contained the original bar when the building was first used as a public house. Today, this room is used as a seperate dining room with the bar now situated in the oldest part of the building with the low original beams and large open fireplace. The low beams are decorated with Kentish hops, an unusual sight in Norfolk.